This is our listing of scheduled investigations and events. See when the NWA Ghost Connection will be in a haunted house near you!

“The soul of man is immortal and imperishable – Plato

If you know of a location you’d like to see NWA Ghost Connection visit, let us know in the comments box below.



  • We want to thank the KISS NWA Family for being great hosts. You guys did amazing on our new commercial! We hope to reach all those who feel they have no where to turn. Thanks again
  • Its Time for the Radio, tune in on Tuesdays and listen to us on KissNWA FM 105.3.  Call their hotline and ask your questions during our live broadcast: 479-316-7165. We will be airing through February. Can’t wait to answer all your questions! Follow them on Twitter @kissnwa or their Facebook page Kiss NWA. Join us for this exciting adventure.
  • As of 03/29/2017 NWA Ghost Connection has adopted a grave in Bentonville, AR, from the year 1908. We are in the process of resealing the above ground tomb and finishing it with a clear coat to protect it from weather wear. NWA Ghost Connection is dedicated to giving back to our community. See our Adopt a Grave page for updates.
  • NWA Ghost Connection will be adding new members and beginning a new group. If you’re interested email us at or submit your info to our Contact Page.
  • We went on a revisit to the Bentonville Cemetery and will post findings soon on the Investigation Page.
  • Children Of The Grave 2 was released in April 1st 2012, I am extremely excited my daughters are in this great documentary(See Below). Stay tuned for updates.
  • NWA Ghost Connection did some filming with the Booth Brothers and Twintalk Entertainment for the documentary “Children of the Grave” seen on the Sci-Fi Channel. Also filming with them is Missouri Paranormal Research “MPR”. All filming took place at the First Annual Arkansas Ghost Hunters Conference. Thank you to Saint and Phillip Booth. We love you. View the Children of the Grave clip on YouTube:
  • Our Research section has been updated with some interesting information in the Unknown Phenomena page.

Check back soon for more updates!