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Ever wonder where the ideas came from for storylines for Silence of the Lambs, Leatherface, or even the Bates Motel?

Edward Theodore Gein, Born in La Crosse Wisconsin August 27, 1906, Son of a timid alcoholic father George Gein (died at the age of 34 from heart attack) and religious fanatic mother Augusta Gein (died December 1945 from strokes). Augusta moved the family to Plainfield Wisconsin when Ed was at the age of 8 yrs.

Ed had an older brother Henry who was found dead in a brush fire that was out of control then ruled an accident but has since then with evidence of trauma and actions of Ed, he could have in fact been at Henrys fate in his death as well in 1944.

The unheard voices of the descendant families are still affected from the actions taken place years ago from Ed Gein. Florence was one that could have possibly taken from her grave at the night of her funeral as one of her cousins swore that she saw a light that night in the graveyard at her graveside. Florence died in childbirth and was buried with her baby in the same casket. Later another family member found the babies dress in their barn and the skull of a baby was found in the house of Ed Gein. The father of Florence had pleaded for the sheriff to please exhume the casket to check when they had been checking other graves and the sheriff denied him due to the impact that it had on him and the crew from other graves having missing corpses, told by Rusty Leeann Woehrle. As she continues, another family member, her grandmothers brother, Helmus, had been on the search team looking for one of the missing victims Mary Hogan, he stated that it was the damndest thing, Ma, the tracks (tire) just stopped. As later found out, Ed would take branches and sweep over tire tracks and also would change out his tires on his vehicle. Rusty continues the another one of her family members Ron, had stated that he worked with Ed on a road crew and the men were talking about the missing Mary Hogan and Ed made the comment to him I took her away in my little red truck, as they just chalked it up as Ed being his normal weird self. Ron even in his 70s held regrets to not saying anything, thinking this might have save the next victim Bernice Worden. Rusty’s great Uncle Clifford and Aunt Effie (Effie was featured in Life Magazine) were the neighbors of Ed Gein and had complained that Ed had in fact broke into their house, Rusty continues to tell that her grandparents also suspected of peering into their windows of their home.

Clifford stated that there were two hunters from Chicago missing that came to the area and feels they were tragically taught a lesson for hunting on Eds land and he swore he killed and buried the men and their truck on the corner of the property that was across from their driveway, those men were never found. The day Ed was arrested Rustys mother and grandparents were visiting Clifford and Effie, as they were leaving they saw Ed just outside his land. Later that evening when Rustys grandma saw on the news that the police were unsuccessfully trying to find Ed for questioning about if he had seen any strangers lurking around the Bernice Wordens Hardware store, they called Effie to inform them that he was walking around outside his property when they left her house.

Clifford called the police in which they returned to Ed Gein’s house and that is where they found Bernice Wordens body hanging in his wood shop. Ed was having dinner at the Hills family home in which he had brought what he told them was deer and in fact was found to be the human remains of Bernice Worden. When Mrs Hill found the truth she in fact was not able to contain her sanity, completely went insane and was committed.

Ed actually at the time of his arrest on November 16, 1957 was dating a woman that lived in Stevens Point; luckily he was apprehended before she lost her life. Ed also was the Plainfield number one babysitter for many families in town.
Rusty continues to tell us that when they were getting evidence from Eds home they found numerous disturbing items such as a nipple belt and a jar labeled Mary Hogan vagina with the contents of in fact her vaginal body part. They were very few remains of Mary Hogan so much that there was nothing for the family to actually bury.

Ed was not sentenced for the crimes that he admitted to committing due to being noted as clinically insane and could not stand trial. He was finally tried in 1968 and found guilty where he lived out his days in State where he died on July 26, 1984 from Respiratory and Heart failure from Cancer.

Rusty claims that when he was buried they listed his burial to be at one cemetery and done it at 3:00 am the other main cemetery to keep people away from services. Disturbing thing is people leave thing for him at his graveside and the sheriff had to lock his headstone up since it had been stolen previously and found. Anytime she goes to the cemetery she can feel his disturbing presence there and knows that her family protects her from him and he does not scare her. Rusty continues with the land of Ed Gein is haunted by Ed keeping the souls of his victims with him. House now gone from fire nothing but land and that place still keeps hold of the unspeakable acts of one insane man that has inspired many authors to write horror stories and movies to be produced.

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Photos submitted by the Nigh Family & Rusty Woehrle

All grave photos are current photos of Ed’s grave submitted by Rusty where people actually give obscene offerings to this monster. Gein died at the Mendota Mental Health Institute due to respiratory failure secondary to lung cancer on July 26, 1984, at the age of 77. Over the years, souvenir seekers chipped pieces from his gravestone at the Plainfield Cemetery, until the stone itself was stolen in 2000. It was recovered in June 2001, near Seattle, and was placed in storage at the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department. The gravesite itself is now unmarked, but not unknown; Gein is interred between his parents and brother in the cemetery.

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