The Crescent Hotel Eureka Springs AR

Rating: Orange

– History:

The Crescent Hotel was built in 1886. It was remodeled and reopened as a year-round resort in July of 1902, which closed in 1908. The Crescent College and Conservatory for Young Women was founded in 1908. It was the most exclusive girls boarding school in the area. At the end of the 1933 college year, The Crescent College closed its doors, never to be opened again. In 1937, Dr. Norman Baker bought the Crescent; it became the Baker Hospital and Health Resort, a cancer center. When Baker was found guilty on seven counts for the use of mails to defraud with his purported cancer cures in January of 1940, the hospital closed, remaining unoccupied through 1946. The Crescent Hotel reopened in July of 1946, and remains a high class resort in the heart of the Ozarks to this day.
According to the owner of the Crescent Hotel, Marty Roenigk, there are four common hauntings or occurrences in the hotel. Michael, a workman who died during construction in 1886, supposedly haunts room 218 and is often seen walking the grounds. Frequently, there is a nurse seen and heard pushing a gurney down a hallway. A young woman is often seen on the grounds. She apparently was a student at the Woman’s College who jumped to her death from the roof or balcony. Several guests have also reported seeing a man in very formal dress and top hat in the lobby of the hotel.


– Investigation Results:

(Guest Visit)
The Crescent Hotel is a wonderful place to visit for us. No to mention the activity. We went with the Spirit Seekers of Little Rock to investigate the hotel. The conservatory had some major activity. For example, we were waiting for our assignments and Lori with Ghost Connection felt a tug at her shirt she went to tell a member to quit she thought he did it and no one was behind her. We snapped a photo of the area right then and got a woman figure(see pics). No E.V.P or camcorder evidence turned out but we got great photos check it out.

(NWAGC Visit)
We went to do an investigation of our own on the hotel. We booked the rooms 502, 419, and 218. We wanted to know for ourselves if the rooms were haunted, well the answer is Yes!!. Room 502, the enfamous Dr. Bakers room, we experienced someone walking up and down the stairs and someone sitting on the bed around 4:00 A.M. A walkie talkie being moved from one spot to another and coming on by itself. In room 218 well that was Patrick and Katherine’s room, and due to all the orbs in the room they would not sleep there. So they slept in room 419; like that was any better. When we went to get ready to start the investigation; we being Mike, Lori, Patrick, and Dano, we went into the room and the door to the closet was open. Be advised the hinge on the door keeps the door closed and unable to stay ajar. We also captured lots of orbs in this room. We went into what used to be the morgue, it was madness down there. Team members were touched, pushed, also Lori’s hair was pulled and some of the guys experienced a dizziness and confused feeling. We retrieved on E.V.P a lady saying I’m 113 wow thats old. We all were up pretty much all night and were scared to sleep but the trip was worth it. We had a blast and alot of excitement and the answer to the question is YES the Crescent Hotel is Haunted.


– Investigation Photos: