The Basin Park Hotel Eureka Springs AR

Rating: Yellow

– History:

The Basin Park Hotel is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It was constructed on the original site of the Perry House, a four story hotel built by Captain Joseph Perry in 1881. The Basin had its Grand Opening on July 1, 1905. After almost closing in 1944, the Basin Hotel was purchased by Roy Parkhill, a prominent oilman from Tulsa, OK. In 1948, the Basin became the home of the Barefoot Ball. The Ball was inspired by Ralph Edward’s radio show, “Truth or Consequences,” when a couple from California won a two week stay at the Basin, having to stay barefoot the entire trip. The Ball became an annual tradition in Eureka Springs.
The Basin Hotel is recognized by the Ripley’s Foundation for being the only hotel where every floor is actually on ground level. This is possible because the Basin Park Hotel is built into the mountain. In the early years guests would go out through the different floors and explore the paths in the mountain.


– Investigation Results:

We have completed our investigation of the Basin Hotel. While we were there a lot of interesting things were going on. We stayed in rooms 408, 519, and 321. We were told spirits linger in the Ball Room, Atruim, 2nd floor spa area and the Roof Top Billards which is connected to the Ball Room. We began around 10:45 P.M. and set up video equipment in the Atrium. This room is a corner room for meetings and so forth. Off this room is some sort of dining area and we were told there was a man seen in this room. On our journey we did not encounter a man in this room or any other activity. We proceeded to the Ball Room and set up video equipment. This provided to be an interesting room. While doing E.V.P. we were not alone here. We heard footsteps, loud crashes and also felt someone behind us all of the time. As for the spa area, other than its cool temprature, we again found nothing. Most of our evidence was captured in room 321 in the form of orbs. In the Ball Room. We believe that there is a mild spirit. Patrick and Katherine stayed in 521 and they experienced their door open but it didn’t seem to close. Mike and Dano had nothing happen in room 321. As for Ted and I, we had no experiences in room 408 either. Do we believe that the Basin is haunted? Well I would say there is energy there, but haunted? NO. The Basin is a beautiful historic hotel and worth the stay for relaxing not for ghost hunting. Like I said there is history here just not haunting history. We did notice things which may be explained and felt things which could have been a draft. We are just not convienced that the story they tell is valid for a haunting. We extend our appreciation to the employees of the hotel for their help during this investigation we had a blast.