NWA Ghost Connection prides itself on the research we do before an investigation. There is so much that goes into knowing why a location is haunted or spirits linger. Locations and the people that lived there provide so much history and knowledge as to what happened in that time frame. We have many ways of finding information about a location; such as your local Historical Society, Genealogy departments, Archive departments, and your local library. Just know to do a good investigation you must always research, you may find things out you never knew.

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  • **Historical Society
  • **Local county archives
  • **Genealogy department at your local library
  • **Local Library
  • **Newspaper

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NWA Ghost Connection enjoys helping others find out why they have a haunting and enabling them to research their own land or home by providing them with the necessary tools they need to arm themselves with the power of knowledge.

NWA Ghost Connection Team


Researching the history of a house:

Recently we received an email from one of our young readers informing us of a website that may be useful to many who are trying to research their homes. Thank you Mia for your contribution and valuable information.

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