Private Residence Cassville MO

Rating: Orange

– History:

This home was built into the side of a mountain, slanting into the rock which possibly contains deposits of limestone. The limestone theory, which speculates that the rock may be tied in to residual hauntings, is still up for debate.

All of the activity in the house began roughly five years ago. The family was playing around with a Ouija Board, and began getting odd results sent to them. They got hurtful and disturbing messages spelled backwards, as well as a small child talking about not being allowed to be buried with his mother. They immediately burned the board, but since that time, they have had great amounts of paranormal activity, including a recent increase in frequency.

The family has experienced several “happenings” since experimenting with the Ouija Board. The first thing the owner remembers is walking in to see a tall, thin man standing over her daughter, only to look up at her and vanish before she could react. The figure was again seen walking past her into her bedroom, which she didn’t react to, thinking her husband was just home for lunch. After several minutes, she checked on him only to discover that she was alone. Over the years, the family has experienced several voices or whispers coming from various places in the house, as well as several unexplained electronic malfunctions, ranging from toys going off by themselves to appliances (computers, televisions, the ice maker, and the main heating unit in the house) self destructing, all within a week of eachother. Recently, the family’s middle daughter experienced her closet door open by itself, and the closet light came on in front of her. Several of the houses windows would unlock themselves. When they would lock them, the windows would again unlock. Several family members reported the covers of their bed either being pulled up, or pulled off while they were in bed. The father has reported seeing the faces of several people appearing before him as he tried to fall asleep. It has happened on several occasions, and he has seen several different entities appear before him.

Recently, the activity has increased dramatically, prompting the family to contact us. We look forward to investigating the household and hope we can provide some comfort from the recent happenings.


– Investigation Results:

Before I begin, I’m going to list our findings, as per our team medium, Ron Towle. We encountered three different spirits during our investigation:

1) A 6′ tall, thin male. He said nothing the entire evening but “no.” He was the most frequently encountered entity. We ran across him in the youngest daughter’s room and playroom, the kitchen and entry area, the master bedroom, as well as the middle daughter’s room. He seemed non-threatening, and though we wondered briefly if he was a residual haunt, we now believe him to be intelligent. He seemed facinated by mirrors.

2) Older female; light, shoulder length hair and wearing a wavy, pale yellow dress (early 1900s style). She seemed to want to be called “Ann.” We only encountered her in the middle daughter’s room, sitting at the head of her bed. She was also non-threatening.

3) A young boy, somewhere around 9 years old. He wanted to be called Matt, though kept feeding Ron two names; Michael and Matthew. He had brown hair, combed straight down. He was wearing brown, lace-up boots and dark denim jeans. We don’t have a grasp on what period he was from, and he didn’t seem to know, himself. He seemed very fond of playing outside, and playing hide-and-seek. He stated that he had been in the house for either five or nine years (he didn’t make it clear when he told Ron). This spirit was VERY lost. He clearly did not belong, or know why he was where he was. He sat on the floor asking, “why?” and saying “hold me.” He stayed mainly in the youngest daughter’s playroom…it made him feel safe.

Our investigation began around 10:30p.m. with a tour of the house. After talking over some of the happenings with the family, we ran some initial readings. Almost immediately, we got results! While Lori and Ron were walking through the youngest daughter’s room, her bed shook, witnessed by all. Several team members witnessed a shadow walking from the middle daughter’s room to the master bedroom. After intitial readings were taken, we geared up and went lights out.

Almost immediately, we encountered the 6′ tall male entity. He was wandering aimlessly through the master bedroom, and wouldn’t communicate with us, besides to repeatedly tell us, “No!” The spirit was moving from mirror to mirror in the master bedroom, and seemed to attach itself early on to Lori. Anytime we would attempt to corner him, he would tell us “No,” and change his direction. After several minutes, the tall figure had enough of us and left the room. We made rounds in an attempt to locate him, which first led us into the middle daughter’s room. There we found “Ann.” She was sitting at the head of the bed, just observing us. Eventually, she disappeared and we began searching again for the 6′ tall man. He had moved into the youngest daughter’s playroom and was standing next to “Matt.” Ron and Lori tried again to make contact with the figure, but again he said, “No” and disappeared through the door, leaving us alone with Matt. We had much better luck communicating with Matt. We actually acquired some facinating video from that conversation. On our video footage, a team member asks his name; a man’s whisper replies, “Matthew.” A few minutes later, Ron made contact with the entity and was actually able to pull the names, Michael and Matthew from him. He told Ron he wanted to be called Matt, and that’s what we went with. We all got the impression that Matt did not belong in that house. He was completely confused, acting like a child deserted in an unknown area. We actually feel that Matt may have been pulled through from his time by the events of the Ouija Board, and when the family burned the board, his way home was closed.

During this time, other team members were spending time in the middle daughter’s room. They had several interesting experiences of their own. They heard knocking on the bedroom walls and witnessed a ripple effect in the ceiling. It gave off the effect of driving down the road on a hot day, and the entire ceiling had that appearance. Wanting to provoke the entity, they told the spirit to do something to impress them. They requested that the spirit light up the room. Instantly, the middle daughter’s cell phone illuminated in the room, and then immediately went right back off. The phone indicated that a message had been received; but the time of the received message was 54:20, and there was no message on the phone.

We had several facinating experiences during our investigation. We are still waiting to hear the results of our E.V.P., but we have posted some of our interesting photos. We captured several anomalies on our video, ranging from whispers to mechanical noises to orbs. As an interesting side note, we checked on the family the following weekend to see if anything else had happened since our visit. We found out that the youngest daughter had recently witnessed a figure in yellow walking from the middle child’s room to the master bedroom. The mother was having a phone conversation with her sister, and the sister was overhearing a child’s voice that had a tendency to repeat what the mother was saying. Again, no one else was home at the time. We plan on revisiting the family soon to check on their progress. We would like to thank them for their hospitality and look forward to visiting with them again soon.