“The Supernatural is the Natural, just not yet understood” – Elbert Hubbard

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NWA Ghost Connection is going to expand into the realm of Unknown Phenomena. We are now researching the globe to find new and interesting topics to bring to you the reader. We will be doing other topics such as UFO sightings and Big Foot. Check back periodically to see what we as a team have accomplished.

NWA Ghost Connection has recently received emails and information from people who have had very private encounters with entities, and we were wondering if you the reader have a story to tell. Have you ever had a private or personal experience or encounter with a ghost or entity? If so we would like to hear your story, all information or material will be kept confidential. Email us at nwaghostconnection@yahoo.com*

If you have any information to share about the Native American culture and its relation to unknown phenomena, please email us your information. We are currently in the beginning stages of this research and would appreciate all of our readers input. E-mail us at nwaghostconnection@yahoo.com . Thank you for all your help!


Below is a list of topics that NWA Ghost Connection will be researching, the phenomena that everyone is so curious about. We will be bringing our own evidence to the readers for you to decide whether or not you believe. NWA Ghost Connection reserves the right to have our own opinion and faith base, which may not be the same as the readers. However, we respect your views on the topics listed below. NWA Ghost Connection does not participate in witchcraft or black magic but we are bringing this to you as a learning tool. We hope you enjoy!

* Keep checking back we will be updating with information as we gather good and creditable evidence.*
Here is a link for great reading on these subjects. http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/276925.Rosemary_Ellen_Guiley



Native American Legends



UFO Files

Water Monsters