Old Southern Hospital

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– History:

The sanatorium was the relocation center for all white Arkansans with tuberculosis. By the time the facility was closed in 1973, it had treated over 70,000 patients. The main hospital, named the Nyberg Building after Leo E. Nyberg, a former sanatorium patient and state legislator who sponsored the bill funding the construction, was completed in 1941. The facility became known worldwide as one of the most successful and modern hospitals for the treatment of tuberculosis of its day.

The sanatorium complex was self-sustaining, with dormitories, staff entertainment buildings, a chapel, laundry, dairy, water treatment plant, independent telephone system, and even a fire department. At the height of its use, the complex employed nearly 300 staff members. At one point, the total population of the center was greater than that of Booneville, in the valley below.

With the introduction of more effective drug therapy, the patient population began to decline. Eventually the sanatorium was closed in 1973. The campus was then used as the Booneville Human Development Center, a state-run residential program for adults with mild and moderate mental retardation and other developmental disabilities which is what it remains today.


– Investigation Results:

(NWAGC Visit)

Our investigation began around 6:00pm after set up which took an hour between floors Brian, Lori, Robert, Kim, Cody, Brianna were all present during this invesigation. We are now facing a six story building to investigate with such a vast history, we all begin splitting into 2 smaller groups and began our seek and search expedition. Brian, Cody, and Robert all went into the basement and followed the halls as far as it could take them. They experienced cold spots and shadow figure which did attempt to hurt Brian with visual validation. Lori, Kim and Brianna went to the third floor where Lori encountered a small child who was telling us to be scared of the dark man. all the while Brian was in the basement dealing with this dark man. The boy was named Stevie and was looking for his mother who also died at this location. Stevie seem to have had some sort of breathing issues and his lungs filling with fluid and succumbed to this at the short age of 9, there has been no proof that Stevie was a resident there but we hav not fully finished in our history search. We do know that a lot of children and women were residents here and many did have fatal illnesses. on the Second floor we did encounter what seemed to be some residual spirits but nothing incredibly active. On the forth floor the cage area there is two female spirits, and one male spirit who enjoys playing with your hair. Kim and Lori had to put their hair up to get it to stop. Lori went through the room and felt a very masculine entity who was very angry and Brianna felt him as well. The men and woman on my team had so many experiences and not a lot was caught on camera or audio but our experiences will be how we consider this location haunted. 

Spirits encountered;

Dark man (Tall Man )

Child Spirit

Aggressive male 

4 different female spirits

Dark Shadow which may be the same as the tall man

– Investigation Photos:

photos were captured but nothing conclusive enough we feel would be difinitive evidence.


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  1. So many times there’s a sad history to the property. To often there’s abuse & neglect to the residents. Investigating a 4 story building must’ve been difficult. Having your hair played with got your attention. God bless all of you through your journeys.
    @AugustCorreia please call me Randy 🙏🏼

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