This is a current list of equipment that we use for investigations, including photos of the equipment and a short description of its functions. Please feel free to email us if you have questions.


Proximity sensor alarm. Detects if something is near and responds with audio alarm. Proximity audio alarm is 100 decibels and sounds.


Spirit box 11:

The newest technology for transmitting spirit voices to allow communication between the spirits and the living.


Ovilus 5:

ITC Device that transmits spirits or communicates through this audio device. It converts environmental readings into words to facilitate communications, like an E.V.P. This is a great tool with many functions.


Spirit Box (Wonder Box):

High-current high-power amp. The highest quality reverb available with frequency control for clearest response. Noise reduction for use with scanning radios (to cut noise and enhance replies). Direct Line Reverse mode which is one of a kind and unique to this box. Voice Control V3 for more direct replies. Custom made wooden extended grille with black metal front to protect the speaker and house the new high-end audio analyzer.


Spirit Box (Geosport):

Same purpose as the Wonder Box, just portable and clearer response recognition.


Digital Camera:

The purpose of the digital camera is to attempt to capture pictures of the ghosts we are looking for. They appear most of the time as orbs or balls of light, but sometimes you can get lucky and find full apparitions.


Digital Voice Recorders:

The digital voice recorder is a very important piece of equipment (although not as important as the digital camera). This is the only way to collect EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). EVP is when the ghost can communicate with you through sound waves. The rules are simple, you must ask a question and wait. Then, if you’re lucky, someone will talk to you. We have had many successful EVPs. 


DVR Security System with Hard Drive:

Wireless cameras placed to record the investigation and any activity that may take occur. Great tool in most investigations.



The video camera is used to capture the apparition on live feed film. I do recommend using a Super Night Shot with this piece or it won’t focus correctly. It works in many ways like the digital camera, except it shows real time. The Super Night Shot tool is an attachment for the video recorder to enhance the area at night, allowing us to see in the dark. Without it your camera won’t focus and will be of no use.

Specs: Brand; Sony. Model; SR12 Sony Handycam. Key Features; Recording System, NTSC Optical Zoom, 12X Digital Zoom. Storage Type; Internal & Removable. Media Format; 120gig. Resolution; 10.2 MP. Screen Size 3.2″


Thermal Imaging:

This device allows us to capture hot and cold spots, and brings up definitive proof if something not of this realm is with us. It reads cold signatures and hot signatures that spirits can emit. A very useful tool in large areas.


Laser Thermometer:

The Laser Thermometer is used to detect and verify temperature changes. The theory is that where there is a drastic temperature change; there is a ghost. Our thermometer detects a range of temps. from -4 deg. to 518 deg.


K-2 Meter (EMF Meter):

The K2 is a very useful tool provided it is used properly. The EMF Detector finds fluctuations in EM fields. They range from 3 to 30 feet. These will detect readings of vibration or movement, so be very aware of your surroundings.