Brushy Creek Cemetery Berryville AR

Rating: Red

– Investigation Results:

Our investigation of Brushy Creek started off great!! We got lost ha!ha! what kind of ghost hunter gets lost? Well us, anyway we made it and began around 10:30 p.m. We started with the homestead which is now tore down. Stacie the owner told us that it burned years ago. We made our way through the rubble and discovered quickly we were not alone by the sulfuric acid smell in the air around us which is never good, this does describe a paranormal kind- not to friendly. Ghost or Spirits like to make themselves known by sometimes giving off a fragrance such as flowers or lavender smells and so forth, this was sulfur which could possibly be a demonic poltergeist. We eventually made it to the cemetery, its was peaceful, however not for long. We discovered that we had company who didn’t seem to want to hurt us but definitely wanted to be left alone!! We encountered many spirits including Coyote and Deer. It was the wilderness after all. The spirits did not seem harmful but we got the impression they did not want company. We did receive 1 E.V.P. that says “Please Beat It” around 12:30 a.m; we graciously complied. Brushy Creek is definitely a place of mystery and does have the paranormal present- they just do not want visitors. I do not recommend this place late at night!!