Arkansas Air Museum Fayetteville AR

Rating: Yellow

– History:

The Arkansas Air Museum at Drake Field is located in Fayetteville, AR. Conceived in December of 1985 and opened to the public in August 1986, the museum quickly established itself as the state’s first, and largest, air museum. It was dedicated as Fayetteville’s contribution to the 150th anniversary of Arkansas statehood. Known simply as the “White Hangar,” the all-wooden structure at Fayetteville’s Drake Field had been at the center of most of northwest Arkansas’ aviation history. The “White Hangar” is one of the nations few remaining all-wooden hangars from the World War II era.

The Arkansas Air Museum collection is a mixture of classic aircraft in flight service condition from the 1920s and 1930s, modern planes from the post World War II era, and static displays of key military aircraft from the Vietnam era. The heart of the collection are the still-flying aircraft on loan from private owners.


– Investigation Results:

The Arkansas Air Museum proved to be a difficult investigation. Our team started out short handed, with the absence our medium, Ron Towle. In addition, the spirits decided to play pranks on us from the beginning, draining every battery we had on hand within five minutes of us being there. Two of our members had to make a special “recon” trip to Wal-Mart to purchase some back-ups. Upon their return around 10:15 p.m., we went lights out. We split into two teams, with half investigating the hangar, and the other half investigating the offices.
The team that investivated the hangar ran into a few interesting anomalies. They heard talking where they knew no one was. They also heard walking on the hangar roof and various other areas throughout the hangar. Two team members were “followed” into the storage room on the second story, where our motion sensor camera turned itself off. The team encountered many cold spots where the E.M.F. meter would spike. E.V.P. of a spirit claiming to fly in and out of Drake Field was also captured.
Our team that investigated the office also came across several anomalies during the course of the investigation. They held a conversation with a spirit claiming to be that of Ray Ellis’ wife. She would reply with E.M.F. readings to questions asked by the investigators.
Perhaps the strangest occurrance of all has yet to be confirmed or denied by members of the team. One of the digital recorders disappeared at the beginning of the investigation, only to turn up lying on top of one of the recording video cameras. Upon replaying what was recorded on it, we discovered only three seconds of footage, which merely contained the word “Watch.” After reviewing the video, we did not catch anything out of the ordinary. However, we continue to review that tape due to the chilling message on the recorder.
We look forward to returning to the air museum to investigate it a second time. We hope our medium can join us next time, hopefully filling in answers to several of our questions.