Anonymous Cemetery Day Trip 2006

Rating: Red

– History:

We have been asked by the residents of the town to keep the location of the Anonymous Cemetery confidential. We will not give out any information as to the location of this cemetery.


– Investigation Results:

Brian and I went to take a day trip to see the if we could locate a site we were looking for. Upon arriving everything seemed to be calm. We were there about 35 minutes when the activity began. I was discussing the Tall man I have seen on numerous occasions in this cemetery and we were chatting about the folklore of a witch being buried there outside the cemetery ground. The wind picked up and shortly after we heard a girl scream. The screams were coming from inside the grave yard but we were alone. After that we heard the powerful 3 knocks on the tree as if someone was knocking on the wood with a hammer. Keep in mind this is 2pm in the afternoon no one was around it was quiet. Shortly after we decided to leave feeling uneasy about what had happened. We have yet to return.