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Is your ghost FACT or FAUX??

Our Mission Statement

NWA Ghost Connection is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research of paranormal through audio, video, film, and digital photography. Those within our group are professionals with a common goal; to research the paranormal around us and to learn from our findings. We wish to help those encountering unseen phenomena and to determine if it is caused by the paranormal. We do not charge for services that we offer.

NWA Ghost Connection prides itself on giving back to our community. We are a family-based paranormal group and enjoy helping those who need the help. If you need our services please contact us through our Contact Page. Happy hunting!


If you find yourself in a position of being afraid of your home, email us at nwaghostconnection@yahoo.com we would love to help anyone in need free of charge.

** if your a real estate agent and find yourself in need of our services to make that sale, email us and  will help.

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NWA Ghost Connection is proudly listed in the Online Paranormal Societies Directory.


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